Coordinating with distributed teams

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oDesk :.: The On Demand Global Workforce

I find this concept intriguing.  There is a lot of coordination.  There is filtering of providers.  The cost per hour shown to buyer is loaded (as in: inclusive of odesk.com margin).  I have seen a bit of their demo… I will use this site when I offshore my work to US!

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I have been fooling myself so far.  Now it is time to get down to business.  No more knowledge acquisition.  No more wasting time watching files download.  Get down, get dirty.  I want to be rich before end of 2007.  keep you posted.

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Well, what do you know!  I was downloading something off sourceforge and an interesting banner add caught my eye.  Unfortunately, I had already clicked somewhere and before you know it, I was in another page.  I press the back button and there we are… a different ad!

The feature that no advertising syndicate offers for the simple thought that no one would want to use it… a search of their advertisers…  based on the slogans they had pasted in the banner.

You know, the ads that pop up on google when you search are different all the time.  If a particular ad caught my eye, I may not see it again…

Maybe that would be one thing to do… and there are these other things no one is thinking of doing… browser history and browser cache are grossly underestimated as USPs.  If I had a browser (or if I could hack firefox) which stored every page I visited, neatly tagged with date and time, and everything on that page, as I saw it… it would be great for me.  If the page had client side javascript which fetched ads from the site, that part should be replaced by the actual ad that I saw at that time.  Effectively all javascript is disabled… so are all http refresh tags…  It is of great utility for me, who like most people, surfs like crazy, with multiple instances of browsers and multiple tabs within browsers, and who clicks from link to link.

Google Desktop search does something like this… maybe I could use that because it also becomes browser independent…

Another thing I feel is a long overdue is to be able to take a webpage snapshot…. that is save the entire webpage as one tall jpeg (or whatever).  There are again tools that do this… but I am saying that this should be part of the browser offering (or a plugin for the browser).  I will go off to addons.firefox site to search for something like this, but I just don’t know what to call it.  Webshot?  Save webpage as image?  Html to Jpeg??  What key words describe this concept?

Which is what brings us to another point.  Concept Search instead of key word search.  You know, if you take any book lying near you… preferably some well know one which has sold a huge number of copies….  pickup any page in random and type in about ten successive words from any point… surrounded by double quotes, into google… you are likely to see a link an ebook for that… a downloadable pdf… maybe you will see a pdf which would be a sample chapter made available by the publisher.  That is wonderful… but that is the problem!  I dont know the keywords…  If I dont know the keywords… how then do I search?  I know the concept… I want to convert the page I am seeing in the browser to a image… not a screenshot… because that would capture only the visible page.  Maybe I should call this a pageshot… How do I search for this on google, or on addons.firefox?

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Ezedzes Equation

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There is the Nielsen’s law of internet bandwidth (http://www.useit.com/alertbox/980405.html). There is moores law, covered in the same link.

What I say is, when the processing power increases, the software fills up to slow down the experience.  The speed with which Lotus 1-2-3 ran on a 4.77 Mhz 8088 was more or less the similar to the speed with which an excel 2003 runs on a 2 Ghz p-iv.  granted excel does a lot more than lotus… but how much of what excel is doing is spreadsheet related and how much is look-and-feel related?  it has a lot of new functions, it sorts in many different languages, its charts are sexier… but it is slow.

You know, it may just be me, but installing office 2003 seems to even slow down the startup time and overall responsiveness… even when not using office.

So, poor me has managed to get a 256kbps connection at home, which means from some mirrors I can download as fast as 25KB a second, sometimes faster.  But the time taken for the download remains the same as it was when I was on a dial-up, getting somewhere around 3 KB a second.  huh?  the file sizes have gone up.  It used to take an hour for me to download then, it takes an hour for me to download now.  I used to consider downloading a 1 MB file a challange then, I consider 100 MB a challange now.  But the time it takes for me to get my work done remains the same.

So… my equation.  B0/S0-B1/S1=0  The ratio between bandwidth and size of transfer, previously and currently is identical.  This means time taken for transfer remains identical.

also, P0/C0-P1/C1 = 0.  Similarly for processing speed and consumption of processing by applications.


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